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True Detective Fic: Blue Moon Rising

Fandom: True Detective

Title: Blue Moon Rising

Author: aceofhearts61

Rated: PG 13 - R

Word Count: Incomplete, 10K+

Part: 2/?

Summary: Marty, Maggie, and Rust become a thing. AU set in ‘95, after the false solve of the Dora Lange case.

Ace/Aro Characters: Asexual!Aromantic!Rust Cohle

Includes: Nonromantic polyamory, consensual nonmonogamy, queerplatonic friendship, male friendship, cross-sex friendship,

Warning: internalized anti-asexuality, sex-repulsed ace having sex (references), angst, loneliness, touch starvation, drug abuse, grief, dubiously consensual sex (references to past)

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Asexy April - asexual characters
↳ Bilbo Baggins →  I’ve never been a huge Tolkien fan and my only reason for watching The Hobbit was Martin Freeman (and later Richard Armitage) and since then I’ve read a lot of things regarding Bilbo. When I read the book all those years ago, I noticed that he wasn’t interested in anyone but since it was natural to me, I didn’t think twice about it. It’s never stated officially anywhere as far as I know (but then again, neither was Holmes’ asexuality) but he does give off that vibe. There are so many other interesting things about him (his bravery, loyalty, kindness… tendency to lie) but I felt he deserves to be noticed.


Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Sherlock Holmes (asexual), Mycroft Holmes
Additional Tags: Asexual Sherlock, Missing Scene, Episode: s03e02 The Sign of Three

SummaryHe just needed a break, some air, some distance from… people.

Note: My fic for this year’s asexy-april. It wasn’t the fic I was planning to write, but alas, April was too short. I promise to have that one done over the summer.

Sherlock Holmes. Rating T. 250 words.

Warning: asexual character discussing the opportunity to have sex.

Episode tag to A Scandal in Belgravia.

Characters: Sweet Drops (Bon Bon), Lyra Heartstrings, Octavia Melody, Vinyl Scratch, Noteworthy.

Ships: Bon Bon/Lyra and Octavia/Vinyl

Rating: Everyone

Word Count: Incomplete, being updated.

Summary: Upon receiving help on a cello piece composition (by a total stranger who was passing by on the street and heard her struggle), Octavia follows said pony to a dance club, and gets extremely surprised when discovering the stranger was the widely known DJ Pon-3, Vinyl Scratch.

Octavia struggles when Vinyl invites her for a date: her past experiences have already been scarring, and Octavia isn’t sure she wants to explain what being demiromantic is to another pony, just to have them forcibly kissing her by the end of the day.

Fic: My Thing (Archie/Ruby, Ruby/Whale)


 Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Pairing: Archie/Ruby (romantic) Ruby/Whale (sexual)

Summary: “She loves you.  She talks about you a lot, you know.”  Victor held out one of the oysters, his hand flat, the shell cradled in his palm.

Ruby and Archie are in love, but Archie’s asexual and she has a date with Whale.  She wants Archie there too.

Author’s note: Archie is asexual panromantic.  And the author is nervous.  Please, my darling aces, let me know if I fucked up at all?


“I want you to come too, Arch.  Please?”  There were no secrets between them.  The town could think what they liked, but Archie and Ruby trusted each other.  They loved each other too, though it was not a love that most people understood.  While Ruby would have done anything with Archie, the most that had happened was sleeping in the same bed.  They shared secrets and touches and the occasional kiss, but Archie was content to stop there.

Asexual was a strange word to Ruby when she’d first heard it, but she read more than most people assumed and she thought she had a good grip on it.  She didn’t love Archie any less, and never doubted that he loved her.  Still, she craved something Archie wasn’t interested in.  He’d tried to break up with her, feeling nobel, but she’d refused.  She loved him.  She loved sex too, but that didn’t have to be about the same issue.

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April is officially my favourite month now :)


are submissions open at all after April? I'm not sure I'll finish my tiny little fic (essays suck) in time :(


Asexy April - asexual characters
↳ Sherlock Holmes →  It’s always been my canon that my favourite detective is asexual, long before I even knew there’s a name for it. I just felt he isn’t interested in sex since there are so many other interesting things you could be doing instead. Since Sherlock, more and more people think he’s gay, regardless of who’s playing Holmes, and while I can definitely see where they’re coming from, I will always stand by my view of him.