Asexy April Fanwork Challenge!
April is officially my favourite month now :)


Would you accept it if I drew a picture of a queerplatonic couple, even if it wasn't fan art and they weren't actually characters in themselves, just two random (non-real) people looking happy together. Another issue is that their poses may appear at first romantic, though I could add a caption or maybe even the aro flag or something to make it more clear that it's queerplatonic, would that be ok?

Totally cool!

I just want to say thanks. This is a really great blog and I'm looking forward to April :)

Thanks! We’re looking forward to it too.

What if our original work isn't completed and is on a website like fictionpress, and is still being written but updated? Would it still be ok to submit it? Through a link? Or would you only want completed stories. Thanks for your time -same anon

man you guys are starting to ask the hard questions

I think we’re going to stick to “completed stories only”, sorry :(

Can we submit an original (not fanfiction) story or only fan works? And if not then is their an alternative project or blog like this one but for original stories?

Original works are great! Feel free to submit them.

I appreciate this community, and look forward to a fantastic new round this year!!

well aren’t you sweet

I’m sure this year will be just as great as the last two, if not even better!




Do you know any place where I can find asexual fics that aren't about Sherlock, Doctor Who and those kind of series every asexual seems to like but me?

Currently, we have, in addition to Doctor Who and Sherlock, fic from the Buffyverse, Glee, Good Omens, Homestuck, Jeeves & Wooster, various Marvel comics, Shakespeare, and Star Trek.

This is not a rec site, and the moderator has no control over what people submit. 

Is it okay to host fic on deviantart?


Did this die already? :(

No! I’ve just been very busy the last few days, unfortunately. As long as people keep submitting, we’ll keep going :)