Asexy April Fanwork Challenge!

Asexual Character: Bay Kennish (she also is somewhere between heteroromantic and aromantic in the fic, not sure which one, you could read her aro probably based on certain things I have her say)

Other characters featured: Emmett, Ty, and Regina, with a small side of Daphne in the background.

Ships: Bay/Emmett, Bay/Ty (and technically a little Daphne/Noah)

Rating: Teen & Up Audiences?

Warning: I discuss some sexual stuff but pretty much entirely with euphemisms. It’s… fairly tame but read with caution especially if any mentions of sex and/or graphic descriptions of kissing squick you out.

Summary: What if Bay was asexual? She deals with the challenges that being asexual brings as she dates both Ty and Emmett in the fic. (She doesn’t know she’s asexual yet at the start of the fic.)

Dedication: syrimoon, who reblogged my asexy fanvideo submission (a submission that included a few clips of Bay” manipped” to make Bay seem potentially asexual), and who commented: “BAY KENNISH FUCK YES”. ;) Thank you for your enthusiasm, and for helping to motivate me to settle on this fandom/character for my first asexuality-based fanfic. :P

Title: (Did you know?) Multi-Fandom Fanvideo - All About *My* Sexual Orientation

Rating: Um… TV-14 I suppose, as (this is also my only warning:) I use a sexy-ish scene from Switched at Birth with a girl in a bra making out with a shirtless guy. It’s a pretty mild video though. Maybe it could count as G.

This is not a typical submission! I hope it’s still acceptable, though? I am a fanvideo editor and this is kinda a fanvideo, since I use fandoms as my source footage for the whole thing…

Some of these fandoms are featured a *lot* more than others, but all of the fandoms in here are: Glee, Gilmore Girls, Skins UK, Grey’s Anatomy, Everwood, Parenthood, Switched at Birth, Joan of Arcadia, House, Castle, Nashville, Gossip Girl, and Friday Night Lights.

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Title: Brave & Arrow-Ace

Fandom: Disney/Disney Pixar/Brave

Ace Character: Merida

Rating: Might be a couple swears. PG? I’m Canadian so we rate things a bit more leniently than Americans, so idk.

Original characters. Rated PG. 14,000 words. Trigger warning for stillbirth. Theatrical script format.
SUMMARY: The year is 1880 in the reign of Queen Victoria. Young Mary Stone has just arrived alone and friendless in London, unsure of what to do with herself after a lifetime of keeping house for her late parents in India. She has no choice but to accept a position as a house girl for Mrs. Victoria Hawking, an aloof, mysterious society widow who seems to want nothing to do with her. But when she discovers Mrs. Hawking’s true business, as a secret champion to the otherwise helpless women of London, Mary is drawn into a world of new heroic purpose battling against devious blackmailers, rescuing kidnapped children, and struggling against the restrictive place their society forces on women.
The protagonist Mrs. Hawking is an aromantic asexual, which clashes dramatically in a world where women are unable to avoid marriage and childbirth. Exegesis of the significance of Mrs. Hawking’s asexuality can be found at
Stupid, Dumb, Blind Chance



Megstiel, queerplatonic fluff, 1.6k

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Charlie Weasley, 1300 words.

No warnings.

Charlie’s always been more interested in dragons than girls. Or boys, for that matter. And at twenty-nine, he finally decides to tell his mother. He doesn’t have high hopes.

BBC Sherlock fic: Black. Two sugars.

Fandom: BBC Sherlock.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Asexual character(s): Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper.

Note: This is a mash-up of five different asexy kink meme prompts I’ve saved over the course of the two years I’ve been in fandom. Some conversations are lifted straight from canon with the help of Ariane DeVere’s wonderful transcripts.

Summary: Everyone seemed to assume that Molly was in love with Sherlock Holmes, and it was so much easier to go along with it than to correct people.

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I have never written this much crack

In other news: That was my last prompt! I’m done!

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Asexy April Fill 1


Prompt: Bofur as an aromantic asexual. After having reclaimed Erobor, a combination of his fame, fortune, and general Bofurness attracts both female and male suitors. And everyone gets really confused when he continuously turns them down.

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Characters/Pairings: Jo Harvelle/Jessica Moore, but in like a queerplatonic life partners kinda way

Rating: T

Word Count: ~6,300

Warnings: One incident of sexual harassment/nonconsensual touching; general ace-related angsting.

Summary: (College AU) In which Jo is exceedingly and unusually peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe. AKA, the one where Jo is aromantic asexual and she and Jess are college roommates and eventually become queerplatonic life partners.