Asexy April Fanwork Challenge!
For those who are asking if this blog will stay open after April:

It certainly won’t be closing, and submissions will most likely stay open. 

Do you know any place where I can find asexual fics that aren't about Sherlock, Doctor Who and those kind of series every asexual seems to like but me?

Currently, we have, in addition to Doctor Who and Sherlock, fic from the Buffyverse, Glee, Good Omens, Homestuck, Jeeves & Wooster, various Marvel comics, Shakespeare, and Star Trek.

This is not a rec site, and the moderator has no control over what people submit. 

Is it okay to host fic on deviantart?


can we submit stories that are sequels/prequels to stories already posted?

Yes! Just make sure that it’s clear that it is a sequel or prequel in your notes.

can we submit a story even though it's not april yet?


Does the work have to be from a fandom? Because I have a few original characters that are asexual that I think I'd like to work with.

The point of the challenge is to create more works, so while we would prefer fanworks, original pieces are welcome as well as long as the story is self-contained.

Can we submit if we aren't on the ace spectrum? I'm aromantic, and I'd love to write some fics with ace/aro characters in them.

Oh, absolutely! I’m going to go and clarify the rules page now, but you don’t have to be on the ace spectrum to contribute, and things like aromanticism, demisexuality, grey-asexuality, and queerplatonic relationships with ace/aro elements are absolutely welcome! 

Hi! This seems like a really fun challenge- I'd just like to ask if The Doctor can be considered asexual. (Some versions of him are more than others)

Oh, absolutely! You can write about any character you choose to, whether or not they are canonically or commonly perceived as asexual :)

If it's not something we wrote, can we still submit a link? I have a good half dozen fics bookmarked.

The purpose of Asexy April is to generate new work — sorry :( — but if you wanted to start a rec blog for ace!fic, I’d definitely want a link!


This is really really cool! :)

 #i do have a question though — are we allowed to write ace fic with characters that are not typically perceived as ace?

Absolutely! In fact, that was one of the main things I had in mind creating the challenge, although I guess I didn’t really make that clear.